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Home Design ( घर नक्शा )

How to choose the best floor plans design for you?

It is not an easy job to create the best floor plans for your home to address all your needs and family needs. That’s where our experienced team of architects & engineers step in to provide you the design thinking of the future ahead. Some key points on which you should discuss and decide upon are:

1. Requirements of spaces such as bedrooms, amenities (store, washroom, gym, studies, etc.), gardening space and others.

2. Reflecting on homes where you have visited and had a good time.

3. Considering feature of your land, air circulation, and natural light distribution should be taken care of.

4. Choosing exterior design /style appropriate for the location and ongoing trend.

5. Planning for sanitary pipe lines, water supply system, drainage and rain water collection.

6. Is your home VASTU friendly ?

6. Know your budget!!

7. Accept there are PROS & CONS to every house plans.

Get your house design from the set of professionals with our several packages .

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